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Discover a collection of 3003 collectibles NFT 100% 🇫🇷

Discover a delicious collection of 100% French NFT! 

Crunchy Fury World is a collection of crispy NFTs based on the theme of overconsumption, created in collaboration by Yoann Montalban (designer of the famous and colourful online game Blablaland) and Maxime Nepote, founder of the Artiste Plus platform which helps many artists to develop their career.

Because we are artists and entrepreneurs, we could not sit back and not participate in the NFT phenomenon, which we believe is much more than it seems.

When a new technology or principle emerges, there are three reactions from the lay public. First, they see it as ridiculous.

After this stage comes indignation that it is dangerous.

Finally, everyone agrees that this is a revolution.

Anyway, the world is crazy. The world consumes.
 The world overconsumes without really separating needs from wants. Many accumulate goods to become free, but at the same time build their own invisible prison that holds them captive.

Overconsumers do not own their goods. It is their possessions that own them.

Here we express a satire of this phenomenon by supporting the notion of quantity with the large number of items to be collected.

Artistic NFTs are freed from their medium. They assume their intrinsic value, which does not lie in the object itself but in the value that its public gives it…

Dare to over-consume our NFTs without any moderation!

Welcome to the Crunchy Fury World!



Yoann Montalban

Founder of Blablaland

Professional graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years,
Yoann Montalban has imposed his style with the graphic universe of his own game Blablaland and its million players.

In 2006, he became the winner of the Web Flash Festival at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in the Art and Graphic Design category, awarded by a jury of recognised professionals.

For 4 years, Yoann was a trainer in various public schools, teaching graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash and game design.

Yoann runs his own graphic design company, and develops his activity as a professional artist-author. You can discover his Portfolio and his activity as a painter.

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Maxime Nepote

Founder of Artiste Plus

Multi-entrepreneur and painter passionate about airbrush painting, Maxime was quickly aware of the difficulty artists have in selling themselves, so he took on the ambitious mission of creating the first platform for artists in France: Artiste Plus.

It is by proposing “L’accélérateur d’Artiste” (The Artist Accelerator) that Artiste Plus has established itself in two years as the leader in France in its field. This masterclass is certainly the most complete programme for developing an artist’s career: beyond a course, it is a set of services in which all the essential aspects are addressed. Numerous testimonials from artists attest to the success of the method.

After this success, the platform is now offering a new course to introduce artists to the creation of NFTs.

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Distribution of the 0 NFTs
Team :
Distribution of 50 NFTs
Airdrop :
Distribution of 300 NFTs
Giveaway :
Distribution of 300 NFTs
Round N°1 :
Distribution of 1000 NFTs
Round N°2 :
Distribution of 750 NFTs
Round N°3 :
Distribution of 600 NFTs
Legendary :
Distribution of 3 NFTs

Road Map

Phase N°1

Development of the Crunchy Fury style, philosophy and universe

A research phase was necessary to set up this artistic concept, both in terms of content and message, and in terms of form.

Phase N°2
From 28/03 to 28/05
Sale of 1000 NFTs à 0.02 ETH
Potential yield 500%
Chance to get the legendary Crunchy No. 3001 = 1/3000.
Chance to get a "RAINBOW" bonus collectible >> 50%.

By mining your Crunchy in round 1, you will get it at the best price and you will have the best chance of getting a return on your Crunchys.

When you get a Crunchy in round 1, you have a 50/50 chance of winning a RAINBOW collectible! (only available in round 1)

Phase N°3

Implementation of an aggressive marketing strategy. Launching ads, communicating with partners and our respective communities. 

Then it’s a matter of following our roadmap with consistency and diligence to bring the project to success in its entirety.

Phase N°4

At this point we will launch the decentralized application (Dapp) that will allow you to mine your NFTs with crypto-currencies directly on our site.

You will also be able to get a score for the rarity of your NFT and that of each of the elements that make up your crunchy.

Phase N°5
From 29/05 at 00:00 to 28/07
Additional 750 NFTs for sale at 0.04 ETH
Potential yield 250%
Chance to get the legendary Crunchy No. 3001 = 1/3000.
Chance to get a "BLACK" bonus collectible >> 50%.

By mining your Crunchy in round 2, you have a 50/50 chance of winning a BLACK collectible! (only available in round 2)

Phase N°6
From 29/07 at 00:00 to 28/09
Additional600 NFTs for sale at 0.06 ETH
Potential yield 166%
Chance to get the legendary Crunchy No. 3001 = 1/3000.
Chance to get a "GOLD" bonus collectible >> 50%.

By mining your Crunchy in round 3, you have a 50/50 chance of winning a GOLD collectible! (only available in round 3).

Phase N°7

Because Crunchy Fury World has gone beyond the limits of digital, our best designs will materialise through a wide range of colourful and unique objects!

Phase N°8

To animate the Crunchy community, offer prizes and maybe give you some clues about the puzzle, we want to interact with you and make Crunchy Fury more than just NFTs.

Phase N°9

There will be many contests and many ways to win Crunchy! At this stage and even during the various lives, we will be giving away many NFTs to the whole community!

Phase N°10

Gods created the world in 7 days. To create a Crunchy Fury World, it took us a little longer. You can discover all the steps of the design phase, all the original sketches and the design steps in a beautiful Crunchy Artbook! 

Phase N°11
Free & random distribution of NFTs to buyers of rounds 1 et 2.

Have you already participated in round 1 or round 2? Lucky you, with this Airdrop you have a great chance to win an extra Crunchy!

Phase N°12
Reclassification of all NFTs to ETH 0.08
Chance to get the legendary Crunchy No. 3001 = 1/3000.
Chance of getting a "normal" bonus collectible >> 20%.

All unsold Crunchy will be revealed and put back on sale at 0.08ETH.

Get Your Crunchy !

Round N°1 in progress
Congratulations, you'll get your Crunchy at the best price!
Advantages of round N°1 :
Possibility of x5 return
50% chance to get a BONUS NFT!
0.02 ETH / Crunchy
(Soit 29.94€ / 33.27$)
Changemement en 24H : 0.16%
On our website (Credit card / Paypal)
Or on OpenSea (Cryptocurrencies)

Enter the legend

Maybe luck will come to you,
or maybe you will make it happen
Legendary N°1 of 3

Will you be lucky enough to get Crunchy #3001?

In any case, you’ll have a 1 in 3000 chance of getting it by mining a Crunchy in rounds one, two and three!

Legendary N°2 of 3

Get your chance to get Crunchy #3002 by investigating!

The secret phrase from the wallet
containing the NFT has been scattered in 6 parts throughout Crunchy Fury World…
It’s up to you to piece it together to get it.

It contains 64 characters (numbers or letters) and here are the first 10: 66263bc6acxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you have found the secret phrase, you can click here to find out how to import it and secure it.

Legendary N°3 of 3

Because we’d really hate to deprive someone of getting the ultimate NFT from our overconsumption collection,
we’ve decided to leave the Crunchy Legendary #3003 available to whoever is worthy of entering the legend. 

33 ETH
(Soit 49,401.60€ / 54,890.67$)
Changemement en 24H : 0.16%

Frequently asked questions

You can directly mine your Crunchy in euros from our website, or you can go to OpenSea to proceed with the crypto-currency transfer.

In both cases you will need a wallet.
Click here to discover our guide >> “How to create a digital wallet”.

Click here to discover our guide >> “How to get my Crunchy”.


You will not be able to choose which Crunchy you will buy until phase 4.
You will randomly get one of the 3000 Crunchy’s available, its rarity will also be random and you will also have a chance to get the legendary Crunchy N°3001.

The only NFT that can be viewed before you buy it is Legendary Crunchy #3003. Whatever Crunchy you get, whether it’s rare or not, you will be part of the Crunchy Club! This will allow you to acquire other gifts later on.

Of course, that’s the point, you can collect them (because they’re really cool), or you can speculate and hope to make a profit by buying and reselling your crunchy. 

This is what we all hope to do and I invite you to look at the recommended strategy (last question in this FAQ section).

To resell your Crunchy, just go to Opensea, click on the Crunchy of your choice then click on “Sell”, you can then set the price and the maximum duration of the sale, then click on “Sell” again and poof! Your Crunchy is for sale and is patiently waiting for its new owner!

When you click on your Crunchy in OpenSea, there is a column on your left that will give you valuable information about your Crunchy.

Indeed, your Crunchy expresses a score which is the rarity index of your NFT.

You will also get other information about the accessories that make up your Crunchy.

For example, there is a 40% chance that your Crunchy will bite into a hamburger, but a 0.1% chance that it will bite into the Crunchy Fury logo.

Each Crunchy is made up of 19 elements, each with a rarity index. You can see the rarity of each of these elements in the column on the left.

If you get your Crunchy through OpenSea, your NFT will automatically appear on your profile or in the “Hidden” part of your profile. 

If you order from the site, we will mine the Crunchy for you and send it to you. You will need to tell us the public address of your Metamask wallet (which starts with ” 0x…), a message will appear on the homepage of the site and on your account.

>> Click here to discover the complete procedure

There is a delay between the time you order and the time you receive your NFT.

If you order your Crunchy on OpenSea, it should appear in your inventory within a few minutes to a few hours depending on the network load.

If you order with credit card or Paypal from the site, the transaction may take a day or so (at most).

To follow all the news about Crunchy Fury World, I invite you to join our social networks (click on them to access): 
_ Telegram 
_ Instagram
_ Twitter

This is where we communicate all the information about new releases, new phases, airdrops and contests.

Our affiliate system allows you to earn 30% commission (in crypto-currency or in euros) if someone mints a Crunchy on our site after discovering our world via your link. 

You will find your link and you have to set the payment method of your choice for commissions in your dashboard: Click here to access it

No, we are not depriving anyone of this program and you can share Crunchy Fury World to generate affiliate commissions even if you are not a member of the club. 

You can select directly if you want to be paid in crypto-currency or directly in euros. 

To do so, click here to go to your dashboard, you can set everything in “Payment method“.

In order to hope to make a return on your crunchies, it is best to buy them in the first three phases, when the price is still low. 

As time goes by, in parallel with the crunchy finding an owner and reducing the stock, we will artificially increase the price during each phase. 

The aim is to take advantage of : 
_ The rise in price due to the craze
_ The artificial price increase
_ The rise in price of Ethereum (the cryptocurrency on which the price of crunchy is based)

Obviously, this is not investment advice, do your own research, make your own decisions and always be cautious. 
An NFT collection is always the same result: either it’s a success that benefits everyone, or it’s a total flop. 

I’m counting on you to be part of those who will push this project to the moon.


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