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How to get my Crunchy

Table des matières

Step 1: Have a wallet

First of all, you will need a wallet to store your crunchies.

The most used wallet is “Metamask“, it is available for ALL devices:
On computer (browser extension) / On phone and tablets (application)

You just have to follow all the indications that the application will provide you, it’s very simple and in a few moments your wallet will be created.
If needed, you can find more information on this subject in our dedicated guide “How to create a digital wallet“.

Step 2: mine one or more Crunchy


You can choose to get your crunchy in two different ways, the one you choose will not change anything on your chances to get a rare Crunchy or not: 

_ By mining your Crunchy on our website: Choose the number of Crunchy you want to get then validate your order via Paypal or credit card in a few seconds. Then we will mine the NFT for you. 

_ By mining your Crunchy on OpenSea: On OpenSea, you can choose an NFT randomly, then once you have made your choice, click on “Buy now”. You will then be able to mine your Crunchy with the following cryptocurrencies: ETH, DAI, USDC.
⚠️ When mining on OpenSea, step 3 becomes optional 

Step 3: Start transferring your crunchy


If you have chosen to get your Crunchy via our site, you will still need to complete the transfer. Once your order is complete, the message below will appear inviting you to start the transfer of your Crunchy! 

C'est le moment de recevoir ton crunchy !

Selon l’utilisation de la blockchain Polygon, le délais du transfert peut varier, il ne dépassera pas 24h.

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