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The Crunchy Enigma


Table des matières


We have scattered the secret phrase of the wallet containing Crunchy #3002 in the Crunchy Fury World!

This sentence is composed of 64 numbers and letters.

Here are the first 10: 66263bc6acxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By piecing together the entire secret phrase, you can gain access to the wallet and then send it to your personal wallet to secure your win.

Where and how are the 6 parts of the secret phrase hidden?

The 6 parts of the secret phrase are hidden in the Crunchy Fury World. 

They can be: On every page of our website and around the mysterious Crunchy #3002.

They can’t be: On our social networks or on OpenSea.

⚠️. You don’t need any technical or computer skills to find the secret phrase. Anyone can solve this riddle, however, you will need to be cunning, don’t expect to find a piece of phrase hidden in the corner of a page, it will be harder than that 😏

How to reconstruct the secret sentence

All the pieces of the sentence will be made up in this way so that it is easy to reconstruct:

66263bc6acxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the first part

xxxxxxxxxx69f5e8fd7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the second part (nice try 😏)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx56g88d4e7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the third , and so on.

How to import and secure the NFT once the puzzle is solved

If you manage to find all the parts of the secret phrase before anyone else, it is imperative that you transfer the NFT as soon as possible to secure your newly discovered treasure!

Step N°1
Step N°2

All you have to do is enter the phrase you just found and you’re on your way to Crunchy No. 3002!

Step 3 (Transfer the NFT to secure it)

If someone else finds the phrase, they will also be able to access the wallet, which is why it is imperative to transfer the NFT as soon as possible! 

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, go to OpenSea and you will see this profile:

You can see the Crunchy N°3002, just click on it and then click on “transfer”: 

Then enter your personal address in the window that appears and you will receive Crunchy N°3002! 

It will be secured and no one will be able to take it away from you!

  Congratulations! It wasn’t easy, was it? 😏

C'est le moment de recevoir ton crunchy !

Selon l’utilisation de la blockchain Polygon, le délais du transfert peut varier, il ne dépassera pas 24h.

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